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Blouse – We Say it as One Yard Magic Touch. The Saree [Six Yard Magic Touch] is our tradition, to which the Perfectly Stitched Designer Blouse gives modern as well as traditional and authentic look to women. Which in turn enhances their personality & confidence.

Every Indian women dream is to wear a Designer Blouse. But, how many people are succeeded in achieving that? So, here is the complete solution for all your blouse needs. We provide blouse drafts for all sizes and different patterns like Princess Cut, Boat Neck, Collar Neck, Halter Neck, Corset, Crop Top, Katori & Yoke Style of Blouse Cuttings.

Our website is also very useful for Boutiques, Designers & Ready Made Blouse Makers. We serve them as Virtual Pattern Makers & Reduce their time and effort by 60%.

We Proudly say that Blouse Guru is first of it’s kind. We’ve chosen Supplying Blouse Drafts through online. Mainly, in today’s world, everything which we desire to have is coming to our doorstep. So we thought that why not Blouse Guru? For this, we have done nearly 2 Years of Groundwork and supplied Blouse Drafts to nearly 200 to 300 members and we’ve got a very good Feedback from everywhere.

So, from all their support, We’ve launched the idea of supplying Blouse Drafts to each and every woman who is passionate, under one single click and landed in the form of Blouse Guru.

Any Queries or Enquirers please don’t hesitate to ask.
– Master K.V (Pattern Maker)

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    Master KV
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